Socio-Economic Profile

The Municipality of Quezon has a total land area of 71,128 hectares, 33.35% of which is devoted to agricultural use. Aptly named the Sugar Capital of Bukidnon, the sugar milling industry powers the town’s local economy. Quezon is also home to Busco Sugar Milling Co., one of the country’s largest sugar mills in terms of milling capacity and sugar milling district. Busco has helped boost the local economy and has generated thousands of jobs since the 1970s. 

While being relatively new in Quezon, the pineapple industry has also flourished. Del Monte Philippines, Inc., for instance, started its first pineapple operations in the Municipality in 2008 and established a fresh fruit packing house in Barangay San Jose shortly thereafter. Davao Agri-Ventures Corporation, Inc. or DAVCO also engages in pineapple production within the municipality.

Corn and lowland rice plantations also take up a majority of the total agricultural land area. The remaining parcels of land dedicated to agricultural use are utilized for growing seasonal crops and vegetables, as well as permanent crops such as coconut and rubber.

Utilizing 3.76% of Quezon’s total land area, cattle production is another local economic driver. Among the pioneers in this industry are Ozamis Agricultural Development, Inc. (OADI), Kiantig/Fortich Farm (now Kiantig Development Corporation or KDC), and Rancho Montalvan Inc. (RMI), in Brgy. San Jose, and Circle T Farms. These ranches breed cattle and supply live animals for local consumption and meat retailers in neighboring urban communities and cities. Small-time cattle and swine farmers also contribute to the local meat industry. 

As per the 2014 data, the labor force participation rate is at 73.92%, 85.39% of which are farmers, forestry workers, and fisherfolks, 12.92% are laborers and unskilled workers, 1.29% are employed in government agencies and private corporations, while the remainder of the working group is in the service and sales industry.

Geography and Terrain

Quezon is located in the southern region of Bukidnon, bounded by Valencia City up north, the municipalities of Maramag and Don Carlos on the west, San Fernando on the east, and Kitaotao down south. Situated 75 kilometers from Malaybalay City, the provincial capital, it has a total land area of 71,128 hectares or 711.28 square kilometers. More than 50% of the landmass is classified as timberland by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) while the remaining 20,878 hectares are alienable.

This landlocked municipality is situated in a valley characterized by rolling hills and mountain ranges. The eastern section of the municipality has a concentration of hills and mountains, covering more than 50% of the total land area. The western part, on the other hand, comprises of level, gently sloping, and rolling terrains.